Reportula 2.1.0 – Language Files

2.1.0 – 8 December – 2014

– [Add] Reportula Language Localization Files – Portuguese, English,.


– [fix] Fix loading jobs and volumes on dashboard. Thanks Sergio Cambra
– [fix] Adding includes or excludes to fileset fails #17. Thanks Sergio Cambra
– [fix] Loading jobs, volumes, filesets in configurator, or other tables fails. Thanks Sergio Cambra

Code Refactor
– [upg] Cleaned some unusable code.

Reportula Version 2.0.10


[Add] Bacula reload Configuration Option in Menu Configuration.


[fix] Clicking on a job ID with jobs that have no files processed.
[fix] “Comments Read” Configuration files Fix – Thanks to DavidBuzz

Reportula 2.0.9

2.0.9 – 7 Oct – 2014

[fix] Portgres Bug Fixes missed on 2.0.8 Version

Reportula 2.0.8 – Mysql Bug Fixes

Reportula Release – Thank you Heitor Faria for Mysql Support

2.0.8 – 6 Oct – 2014


– [add] Added Emails Report Tables on Intall procedure
– [add] Added Email Report Command to Send Emails
– [add] Added Report Emails Menu in Administration
– Reportula Sends Schedules Backups Emails Reports
– [add] Added Storage Select Box on Job Cofiguration Editor
– [add] Added Pools Select Box on Job Cofiguration Editor
– [add] Added Fileset Select Box on Job Cofiguration Editor
– [add] Added Schedules Select Box on Job Cofiguration Editor


– [fix] Mysql Databases Case Sensitive Bug
– [fix] BootBox – Downgraded to 3.3.0 Version
– [fix] BaculaStats Crontab Command – HoursDiff Bug

Code Refactor

– [upg] Upgraded Laravel Framework to 4.2.x
– [upg] Upgraded Composer packages to meet Laravel 4.2.x

Reportula 2.0.7 ! THE CONFIGURATOR !!!!!!

2.0.7 – 16 July – 2014


– [add] Added Bacula Bconsole Console Terminal
– [add] Added Bacula Configuration Test Menu
– [add] Clients Names and Fileset Names Dropdown to Job Config Form
– [add] Write Configuration Files
– [add] Read Configuration Files
– [add] Delete Button to Configuration Items
– [add] Dropdown Button to Created new Configuration Items
– [add] Persist Extension to FancyTree on Configuration items Tree


– [fix] Fixed Rss Reader Link on Administration Dashboard
– [fix] Fixed Installer on Creation of Configuration Tables
– [fix] Fixed Database Models names CfgMessages, CfgConsole

Code Refactor

– [mod] Configurator Fileset Form Rewrited the code
– [mod] Cfg Models Extended the BaseModel

Reportula 2.0.6

2.0.6 – 11 July – 2014


* Added Read Configuration to Messages, Console Options in Bacula Director configuration
* Added Form Config for Messages, Console Options
* Added Button to Reload Tree Data


* Fix the Search Filter on Configurator Tree
* Configurator Reader – Reads JobsDef Resource
* Upgrade DataTables Version 1.10.1

Code Refactor

* Configuration Controller – Refactoring the code

Reportula 2.0.5 is Out !!!!

2.0.5 – 7 July – 2014


* Added Export Html Table to Csv,Sql,Pdf,Json,Excel,Word to all DataTables.
* Created Fileset Files and Options Forms
* Added Save Configurations for Jobs, Directors, Storages, Fileset, Schedules, Pools and Catalogs


* Change the Date Methods to respect the code upgrade of Laravel Date Module

Reportula Version 2.0.4 – The Start of the configurator !!!!!!!!

Reportula Version 2.0.4  – The Start of the configurator !!!!!!!!

2.0.4 – 23 May – 2014


  • Added Ajax to the read Bacula config configuration area
  • Added Configuration Tree of Bacula Configuration area
  • Created Form for Director, Clients, Jobs, Storages Configurations options
  • Added Remember Querys caching the Sql Querys Making Reportula Faster


  • Updated Laravel Framework Version
  • Changed Users and Groups Model to respect Laravel needs
  • Remove the profile link on the welcome admin text


Reportula is DEAD !!! Long Leave REPORTULA !!!!!

Hi to all, i am proud to announce that Reportula V1 is dead !!! Long leave Reportula 2 !!!!!

I started to develop Reportula in 2010, when at my work we needed i good reporting tool for the Bacula Backups Software.

Back then i used Codeigniter has the Php base framework for Reportula …… but now so much has change in terms o technologies …. Github, Composer, HTML5, Jquery, Cloud applications etc etc etc ….

In the beginning of 2013 i decided to rebuild Reportula form scratch with the new technologies and new features, after 1 year of developing here it his Reportula 2.

Right now things are different, i need help, from the community, to continuing the development of Reportula, so i ask to everyone that has some spare time that like Backups and some programming skill to help Reportula.

In the Future Section in the forum I will put the next developing plans, please discuss, share ideas and helps out to catch bugs…

Thank you to all that have been using Reportula 1 this last years.