Reportula is DEAD !!! Long Leave REPORTULA !!!!!

Hi to all, i am proud to announce that Reportula V1 is dead !!! Long leave Reportula 2 !!!!!

I started to develop Reportula in 2010, when at my work we needed i good reporting tool for the Bacula Backups Software.

Back then i used Codeigniter has the Php base framework for Reportula …… but now so much has change in terms o technologies …. Github, Composer, HTML5, Jquery, Cloud applications etc etc etc ….

In the beginning of 2013 i decided to rebuild Reportula form scratch with the new technologies and new features, after 1 year of developing here it his Reportula 2.

Right now things are different, i need help, from the community, to continuing the development of Reportula, so i ask to everyone that has some spare time that like Backups and some programming skill to help Reportula.

In the Future Section in the forum I will put the next developing plans, please discuss, share ideas and helps out to catch bugs…

Thank you to all that have been using Reportula 1 this last years.






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