Reportula Features

Reportula is a php based web program that provides you a summarized output stats of Bacula Backups jobs, clients, volumes and director that have already run. It obtains its information from your catalog database.

This is a fairly high level bacula management tool. Here are a few points that one user made concerning this important tool.

It is web-based so can be accessed from anywhere.

It packs a phenomenal amount of information into a single web-page – that I credit as being very good design!


  • Display last jobs status
  • Display volumes usage by pool
  • Full supported MySQL, PostgreSQL databases.
  • Show Jobs which executed with errors last day, week, month
  • Show a condition of your Volumes
  • Show terminated Jobs
  • Search Jobs on several conditions
  • The detailed information on Pools, Volumes, Storages and Clients
  • Search options
  • List the files stored on job
  • Acl Supports and Login users support
  • Integration with Active Directory or Ldap servers

Reportula is build on top of some opensource frameworks:

php laravel jquery datatableslogobootstrap2_logo